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Professional room and videoconference management

You intend to introduce a new software for the management of rooms and resources. Which requirement priorities should be fulfilled in a first step?

Smaller and medium-sized projects

> 1-2 locations
> up to 30 rooms
> up to 2000 employees


If you look for a software to manage and book up to 30 rooms, a software that can be handled easily and reliably, raum]für[raum has the right solutions for you.



Our references speak for themselves!


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Larger & concern-wide projects

> more than 2 locations
> more than 30 rooms
> more than 2000 employees


Manage more than 30 rooms and integrate raum]für[raum into your existing computing centre. Due to its modular structure raum]für[raum can be extended flexibly and modified individually.


This is the way to fulfil your requirements!


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Test now for free

> 30 days for free
> no installation
> without any obligation or risk


We will gladly activate an online test account for you, so that you can get to know the essential functions of raum]für[raum. You can use your personal access for 30 days. 


Test now for free


Convince yourself of the functional diversity of raum]für[raum. The intelligent room management system by mediaDIALOG offers professional solutions for specific aspects of your requirement profile. Visit one of our reference clients and experience the various functions and the efficiency of raum]für[raum live.

Our holistic approach enables raum]für[raum to meet future requirements and challenges. This way your project can be further developed in the future and future optimisation and synergy potentials can be realised as well. We would like to be your long-term partner for sustainable solutions!

Successful room management projects

  • Allianz Versicherung
  • AOK - Die Gesundheitskasse
  • BASF
  • e-on
  • IHK Dortmund
  • T-Systems
  • Stadtwerke Düsseldorf

Room management APP for smartphone & tablet

APP for smartphone and tablet

Our new APP allows you to use raum]für[raum even more efficiently on your smartphone and tablet. It comprises the most important functions for the booking and administration of meetings and is easy to handle with a well-arranged interface and quick accesses. More information

Videoconference and TelePresence

Videoconference and TelePresence

raum]für[raum sets new standards for videoconferencing. The software can be connected to your TMX/CTX systems, which makes the management of videoconferences a lot easier to handle. raum]für[raum offers all the important features for your daily work, including the display of different time zones and multitenancy for individual CI-adaptions. We would be glad to present these possibilities to you live in our showroom. More information

Raum management with Outlook ADD.IN

Outlook ADD.IN

It has never been easier to organise meetings, invite colleagues and find a suitable room at the same time. The raum]für[raum Outlook ADD.IN increases the efficiency and at the same time simplifies the daily working routine. Use the new standard! More information

Desk-Sharing software

Desk-Sharing / Flexible Office / Smarter Working

Apart from meeting rooms you also have to manage workplaces? You are interested in the subject of "Smarter Working"? Then use the benefits of the raum]für[raum Desk-Sharing module. We offer intelligent and innovative solutions. The future is yours! More information

Business Case

Our Business Case - Your benefit!

One often reads about enormous saving potentials and optimised workflows. But how do these numbers come about? What do they say in detail about saving potentials in your company?
Together we can create an exact representation of your potential project with our newly designed business-case-calculator. More information