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Professional Room Booking System

The professional administration of rooms and resources is an important topic for many companies. However, its complexity requires the consideration of many parallel processes. Room management, user requirements and the obligations of service providers must be harmonised and coordinated reliably.

In order to achieve this intention, it is necessary to pursue a holistic solution.

Customised Booking Concepts

The web-based application raum]für[raum offers customised concepts, that are based on the requirements of your company. Thanks to its modular and flexible design, the multiple functions of the room management software can be arranged to suit every customer. The software will take care of all your important meeting aspects.

Our sustainable solutions qualify us as your ideal long-term partner.

Room & Ressourcen Management

Easy management of your rooms and resources with one software

Outlook ADD.IN for room booking

The perfect link between raum]für[raum and Outlook

Room Management App

Mobile booking of your meetings and events

Videoconference Management

Fast and secure management of your videoconferences

Desk-Sharing and Flexible Office

Optimal organisation an utilisation of your work stations

Digital Signage Solutions

Professional presentation of your meetings

The perfect concept for your system

Which objects need administration?

Conference rooms

Book and manage your conference rooms, meetings and service providers with the raum]für[raum software.

Videoconference rooms

Plan and book your worldwide videoconferences and TelePresence meetings in an easy and secure way.

Work stations

Desk-Sharing allows you to manage and book your work stations and resources via intuitive graphical user interfaces.


Booking Service

Free rooms can be found quickly, booked easily and edited flexibly

Service providers

Management and organisation of any services providers


Welcome guests, manage guest data, assign parking spaces

Controlling and reporting

Everything under control thanks to cost sheets, reports and statistics

Customer projetcs

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