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raum]für[raum® – since 2001 the successful and holistic room booking software

Discover the various functions

raum]für[raum® – the management of rooms and resources is our core competence.

The central element of our successful room management projects and long lasting customer relations is the software raum]für[raum®.

Discover the various functions of a professional room and resource management software! Allow yourself to be convinced by the numerous advantages and benefit from this valuable investment.

High acceptance of employees

raum]für[raum® is quickly accepted by the employees, because the advantages of the system are immediately noticeable in the everyday routine. The easy handling allows it to find suitable rooms and resources with a few clicks and to book and edit meetings independently. Thanks to the saving of time and the synchronisation of the work steps there is more time for other important tasks.

Minimal training effort

The training clarifies the booking mechanisms and processes within raum]für[raum®. This includes for example the scenarios of the Booking Wizard as well as bookings in the day or week overview. Subsequently, the employees are able to use raum]für[raum® independently after a short adaption phase. Detailed descriptions in the user manual as well as instruction videos provide additional support.

One tool for everything

raum]für[raum® offers various functions to cover the subject of room and resource management. Users, rooms, resources, service providers and costs are managed with the administration tool of the software, the programMANAGER. In the application, the booking steps build on one another logically. Hence, raum]für[raum® collectively provides all information and data, that you need for the organisation of your meetings. It is not necessary to operate additional systems.

Dynamic software architecture

As a modular software raum]für[raum® is configured according to the requirements of the customer. The basis of the system are the specific data about rooms, resources, users and service providers. Everything else is set up in conformance with the individual wishes of the company – whether it is a connection to SAP, the activation of displays or the integration of the reception. Therefore, raum]für[raum® is not only capable to represent the reality of the company, it also provides the possibility to realise future extensions without difficulty.

Enormous quality intensification

The synchronisation of the work steps leads to an increase in the quality of the meetings. The user is able to enter the requirements of the meeting explicitly with regard to date, room and resources and to invite participants in an uncomplicated way. The service providers are informed automatically about the desired room, seating order or resources.

This makes it possible to effectively avoid double occupancies, untidy meeting rooms and delayed catering services.

Considerable time saving

Up to now it takes numerous e-mails, telephone calls and order forms between the user, the service providers and the participants of a meeting. With raum]für[raum® however, all processes and responsibilities are defined clearly and transparently. The booking of a meeting is carried out with only a few clicks. Participants can be invited without difficulty and service providers can be informed about resource orders or desired seating arrangements automatically.

Sophisticated standard software

Even though the professional management of rooms and resources is still a niche market, 360 projects were already successfully realised with raum]für[raum®. It is therefore legitimate to describe our tool as “standard software”.

Thanks to our years of experience we can offer security and competence for you and your company. We guarantee competent project realisation, stable software operation and future-oriented concepts.a

Economic strength

mediaDIALOG is your reliable partner, who will also be at your side in the future! This is proven by our financial figures of recent years.

mediaDIALOG currently employs more than 20 specialists with a permanent position in the departments of IT development, project management, support and coordination. We do not work with global freelancers, because your project needs fast and competent assistance as well as reliable contact persons.

Long-term coorperation

We at mediaDIALOG want to be your successful and long-term partner. It is our priority to turn raum]für[raum® into your own success story.
Just as it is already the case with many of our customers. For example, raum]für[raum® has been successfully operated for many years by customers such as ALLIANZ, KfW Bankengruppe or R+V. We believe, that there is no better way to document reliability and flexibility than by long-term deployment.

Long and reliable everyday operation is the biggest compliment to the software, because it means that raum]für[raum® was able to adapt to every restructuring of the company and to meet every new requirement in the daily routine. The solution always provides the desired benefits for the employees and the company. This is the success story that we want to achieve with you!

Notable references

The amount and the complexity of the projects we realised, speak for themselves. raum]für[raum® sets standards for small, medium and corporate solutions.

Visit our reference list to get a picture of our successful projects. Moreover, we would be glad to organise a reference visit for you with one of our customers, so that you can experience raum]für[raum® live.

Be careful to invest in a seemingly cost-saving solution. Make sure to invest in security, experience and success. raum]für[raum® proved to be the most economic solution over time in many customer projects, because it saves you time, costs and guides you safely to the future.

Numerous functions

raum]für[raum® provides a multitude of modules for various requriements:

Increased utilisation & efficiency

Due to our many years of experience raum]für[raum® offers you fully-developed, practical concepts, which will increase your utilisation and efficiency rates significantly.

Which rooms were reserved, but not used? How is it possible to detect meetings, which were prematurely terminated, and make the therefor booked room available again? Reliable reminder functions, differentiated reporting options, the utilisation of different technologies to classify the status of meetings, as well as automatisms to automatically mark rooms as “available” will aid you to manage your conference rooms more efficiently.

Modular structure

raum]für[raum® is available with many additional modules, which can be activated according to your requirements. This modular structure allows it to represent the current reality of your company. In addition, it also provides the possibility to integrate future necessities and wishes such as flexible work stations into the system.

Easy handling

Of course, raum]für[raum® comes with a certain complexity, otherwise the software could not be operated in so many different enterprises with various requirements and objectives.

Yet, the handling for the user groups is easy and intuitive. This applies for bookers, managers, administrators, service providers and other departments. Only a simple and secure handling in the everyday routine ensures the acceptance of the employees and is therefore a guarantor for sustainable success in the company.

Holistic solutions

raum]für[raum® provides you with comprehensive solutions to represent and synchronise your workflows. You have the possibility to integrate all the relevant departments into your room management software – catering, reception, technology, accounting and controlling – and to harmonise them with your booking processes. It is additionally possible to connect raum]für[raum® to existing software or hardware solutions without difficulty.

  • SAP connection (or integration)
  • Display and signposting systems
  • Check-in and access control systems
  • Media and building control systems
  • Scanner or barrier systems
  • Videoconference management systems

Only a holistic solution allows you to handle the subject of room and resource management professionally and consistently.

Inclusion of various departments

The management of rooms and resources includes many complex correlations, which are not always recognisable at first sight. However, the utilisation of raum]für[raum® highlights optimisation and synergy potentials, from which your company can only profit.
The inclusion of different departments in the booking processes allows it to reduce manual or redundant work steps significantly and to increase the quality of the meetings.

  • The service providers have access to an organised overview of their orders. These can be printed as lists or exported to POS systems.
  • The reception is entitled to check guests in and out with only a few clicks. It is additionally possible to create QR codes for visitor badges or to assign parking spaces automatically.
  • The controlling can be included thanks to detailed reporting functions and a connection to SAP.
  • The connection of the software to building control systems can be used to heat / climate rooms automatically.
  • The activation of signposting systems allows the transmission of information to displays in the foyer, elevators or meeting rooms.

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