The Business Case for your Benefit

Analysis of costs and benefits

Analysis of costs and benefits

The business case considers all the real facts and figures of your company. An economic efficiency calculation is carried out for each sector, which clarifies how effectively the single components of raum]für[raum can be utilised. The cost-benefit-analysis of a room management software provides a holistic image of your company in the sectors room management and room utilisation.


Reduction of effort for regular booking

Possible savings in minutes in comparison to current booking process

Considerable time saving

It is very frustrating, if you have to spend time on unnecessary activities during your daily routine. First of all for yourself, because you become annoyed at some point, and second of all for the company, because money and resources are spent for unnecessary work. However, by using raum]für[raum the amount of work for a simple booking can be reduced up to 70%.

Simplify your daily work by:

raum]für[raum saves you time and financial resources. Allow yourself to be convinced!

Efficiency enhancement

Efficiency enhancement

You can achieve an efficiency enhancement with raum]für[raum which amortises the one-time investment within a few months, by reducing the actual expenditures for room management whilst increasing the utilisation rates of the rooms.

We would be glad to create your personal ROI calculation and present the possibilities of raum]für[raum in detail.

Primary cost savings

Primary cost savings

Primary cost savings result (among other things) from working time that could actually be saved. This working time does not just include activities around the booking of rooms and meetings, but also those times which accumulate for the transfer of information and the modification or cancellation of meetings.

raum]für[raum reduces the primary costs to a minimum thanks to:

  • automated processes
  • detailed internal control mechanisms
  • transparent exchange of information between every person involved
Increasing quality and contentment

Increasing quality and contentment

Time and money are not everything. Quality and the contentment of your employees and guests should also be top priorities. This is the way to build a good foundation for your meetings.

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