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Communikation and Teamwork

raum]für[raum® – since 2001 the successful and holistic room booking software

Groupware connection and management

raum]für[raum® –simplify your processes

You want to harmonise your processes in an optimal way to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings and inconsistencies. Our modules help you to realise a transparent and organised cooperation of the project teams. Whether useful groupware connection or elementary group management, whether automatic user administration or lucid client assignment – establish precise structures and workflows to simplify your processes.

Invite participants

The Groupware module connects Exchange, Domino, Zarafa or Novell systems to raum]für[raum®. This allows you to invite participants from your address books easily to your meetings. In order to determine the time at which the required persons are available, it is possible to read out their free/busy times. If the feedback of the invited participants regarding the meeting is positive, a corresponding entry is created in their calendars.

Automatic user import

The module User management / Directory services enables an automatic user import or respectively user synchronisation in raum]für[raum® including the assignment of intended user rights. The import is carried out via LDAP or with the aid of a CSV file. Another component of this module is single sign-on. Using this technology, users can be logged in based on their authenticated user name.

Assignment of mandators

raum]für[raum® is a multitenant system. This means that you can administer external companies or companies which are affiliated to your enterprise. The users, that you assign to those mandators, only have access to a specific part of the system. This module offers great advantages especially in widely ramified companies to keep the system structured and dynamic.

Joint meeting management

The group management module allows persons, who belong the the same group, to manage meetings collectively. This is a great advantage for teams who are responsible for the management and modification of meeting or room schedules. Since all members of the group are entitled to see and edit their meetings mutually, nothing stands in the way of functional teamwork.

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