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raum]für[raum® – since 2001 the successful and holistic room booking software

Person, who administers the raum]für[raum system with the programMANAGER.

  • Super-Administrators have access to the entire system.
  • The responsibilities of Part-Administrators are defined in the Roles and Rights.
  • Mandator-Administrators only maintain the system settings of specific mandators.
Booking / Booker
A booking is a fixed meeting created by the user. It is not necessary to complete an approval process.
Booking scenarios
Defined booking forms and processes, which are available for the users in the Booking Wizard depending on their roles and rights. The desired goal (room booking, serial booking, multi-room booking, etc.) can thus be reached quickly and easily.
Booking Wizard
The Booking Wizard simplifies and accelerates the search for a suitable room, which corresponds with the meeting requirements of the user. Depending on the roles and rights that are assigned to the user, it is possible to book or request meetings and the required resources in one work step.
Defined number of room groups and/or rooms at the site of a company.
A booking created in the system.
Meeting administrator
Meeting administrators possess the attributes of room managers, but have additional access to all room bookings, for which they have room administrator rights, and/or to all room-independent resource bookings, for which they have room group administrator rights. They are allowed to edit these bookings according to their assigned rights. In doing so, meeting administrators are not confined by possible preparation or lead times, as long as there are no meeting collisions.
Meeting types
Meeting types define different meeting categories, e.g. “Training” or “Meeting with external participants”. It is possible to set up various colour-coded meeting types in the programMANAGER, which can be assigned in the course of the booking process. The colour codes allow a quick survey in the daily and monthly overview. The meeting types can also be used as filters in the reporting function.
program MANAGER
Backend access to the raum]für[raum system, where the customer’s master data is added and managed, the roles and rights of the users are defined and where the workflows of the company are embedded.
Request / Requester
A request is a booked meeting created by the user, which has to complete an approval process. The responsible room manager has to approve or reject the meeting and, if it is a roomless request, assign a suitable room. The booking is only fixed after the confirmation of the room manager. Afterwards, the requested orders are also binding for the service providers.
User-defined products or services, e.g. “Coffee”, “Video projector” or “Translation service”, which have to be provided by the responsible service providers / work groups for a meeting.
It is possible to set up individual roles for each user group. These contain the respective utilisation rights for raum]für[raum.
Defined positions for user groups, which describe the expected tasks in the company. A role comprises defined activities within the scope of a certain purview in the raum]für[raum system. These are the common roles: requester, booker, room manager, meeting administrator.
Room group
Room groups represent the locations, buildings or floors of a company. After the room groups are created in the system it is possible to assign the corresponding rooms.
Room manager
Person, who is provided with extended rights within the software and is able to perform certain tasks in the management of rooms. This includes among other things: creation and locking of rooms, modification of fixtures.
Service provider
Groups / speciality departments, that are responsible for the provision of services in a company, e.g. catering or building services. The service providers are organised as work groups in the raum]für[raum system.
Ticket system of the mediaDIALOG Service & Support GmbH.
Person, who is allowed to create bookings in raum]für[raum. The assigned roles and rights of a user determine, whether a meeting has to complete an approval process, or rather whether the user is allowed to create requests or bookings.
Work group
Work groups are created for every internal and external service provider of the company, e.g. catering or building services. The specific work groups manage a freely definable number of resources and are responsible for their provision.
Work group manager
Work group managers coordinate the work group. They are provided with their own view in raum]für[raum, which lists all the relevant orders their work group has to provide and makes them available as printout. If a resource is configured accordingly, work group managers are also able to specify the actual resource consumption of a meeting.

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