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raum]für[raum® – since 2001 the successful and holistic room booking software

Frequent questions easily explained

You have a question about the room management system raum]für[raum Perhaps you will find the answer right here.

Is it possible to create reports with raum]für[raum?
Yes, the booking information and the relevant cost units can be used to create detailed reports about efficiency and utilisation rates. Additionally, every customer has the possibility to set up individual report templates.
Is it possible to create invoices with raum]für[raum?
Yes, it is possible to create invoices with raum]für[raum, including invoice recipients and individual service texts.
Does raum]für[raum support exports to SAP?
Yes, raum]für[raum offers standard modules for an integrative cost export to SAP CO and FI.
Is it possible to operate raum]für[raum in security-relevant intranet environments?
Yes, raum]für[raum also runs in security-relevant environments of banks and insurances.
Can resources also be booked outside of conference rooms?
Yes, that is possible. So-called room-independent resources can be delivered to any location .
Is it possible to deposit costs for rooms, fixtures and resources in the system?
Yes, it is possible to create and administrate individual cost units for all those objects.
Does it cause additional costs, when new locations or rooms are set up in the system?
Generally, the setup of new rooms does not cause any additional costs. It does, however, depend on your raum]für[raum edition, how many rooms you are allowed to add to the system. Up to 30 rooms can be administrated with the businessEDITION. The premiumEDITION has no restrictions regarding the setup of rooms.
Are there limitations regarding the setup of fixtures or resources?

No, the only limitation is the size of your database. Apart from that, each customer can set up and administrate as many service providers, fixtures and resources with raum]für[raum as is necessary. These are not cost-relevant parameters.

Is it necessary to install software on staff PC's to use raum]für[raum?
No, all you need is an internet browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox) to use the full range of the raum]für[raum functions.
Can raum]für[raum be started out of a portal application?
Yes, this is easily possible.
Does the portal application spare the users to log themselves in and out all the time?
That’s right, the entire login process is carried out between raum]für[raum and the portal. The user only has to log in on the portal, which guarantees quick and save access to raum]für[raum.
Is raum]für[raum multilingual?
Yes, raum]für[raum is provided in German and English by default. Further languages can be implemented on request.
If the system is used multilingually, do all users work on the same database?
Yes, this is necessary to guarantee an international mode of operation. If an English colleague books a room in Munich, all forms and resources are displayed in English. The service providers in Munich, however, receive the respective orders in German.
Is it possible to book rooms and resources in one work step?
Yes, it is possible to book all available resources such as fixtures and catering in one work step with a suitable room.
Is it possible to select multiple provisioning times for resources?
Yes, depending on the configuration of the system it is possible to select multiple provisioning times for resources.
Is it possible to create serial meetings?
Yes, serial meetings can be created easily. The user can thereby choose between the following patterns: daily, weekly or monthly.
How many seating arrangements can be set up?
It’s entirely up to the customer which and how many seating arrangements are available for the users. raum]für[raum is supposed to represent the reality of the individual company. Therefore, it is possible to set up all seating arrangements which are used in the company.
Is it possible to determine a maximum number of participants per seating arrangement?
Yes, it is possible to do that for each seating arrangement.
Is it possible to determine rebuilding times for seating arrangements?
Yes, it is possible to do that for each seating arrangement. The rebuilding times automatically block the room, so that the caretakers have enough time to get everything ready.
Is it possible to set up sub-rooms in raum]für[raum?
Yes, it is possible to set up individual room combinations, which are available in the booking process. Seating arrangements, inventory and resources can also be assigned to the different room combinations.
Is is possible to book several rooms at once?
Yes, this way you can organise e.g. workshops or conferences in parallel or opposite rooms.isieren.
Is it possible to assign preparation times to the meeting rooms?
Yes, individual preparation times, which also block the room, can be assigned to every room.
Are there also preparation times for resources?
Yes, it is also possible to assign preparation times to resources, which automatically block the room. This simplifies many processes enormously.
Are other users allowed to see or edit my meetings?
This depends on the configuration of the roles and rights in your system. The meeting administrator can have extensive access to all meetings; a superior meeting manager can also be equipped with various authorisations.
Can I determine a representative for myself?
Yes, every employee has to possibility to determine 2 representatives, which carry out bookings when the colleague is sick or on vacation.
Is it possible to create an individual profile for each user?
Yes, detailed options enable the user to determine individual settings.
Where can I find instructions about the use of raum]für[raum?
You can find a detailed user guide in PDF format in the option menu. Apart from that, you can always contact the raum]für[raum support portal.
Is it possible to invite people from my address book to meetings?
Yes, raum]für[raum provides an interface to Exchange or Domino. This way you are able to invite persons from your address books to your meetings. The invitees are automatically informed by e-mail.
Does raum]für[raum inform about the status of the address book invitations?
Yes, the answers of the invitees are displayed and administered in raum]für[raum.

Are meeting postponements automatically updated in the calendars of the invitees?
Yes, if a meeting is postponed, the meeting entry is automatically updated in the calendar of the invitee. 
Is there a history function in raum]für[raum?
Yes, all meeting modifications are saved in the history function. This information is available for the user, manager and service provider.
Is it possible to edit meetings graphically in raum]für[raum?
Yes, it is possible to change the date and/or location of a meeting graphically in the week or day view with the drag and drop function.
Does the system allow colliding meetings?
No, if two or more meetings collide, raum]für[raum immediately informs the user and creates a deficient booking. The collision of the meetings has to be solved by the user.
Is it possible to administrate limited resources?
Yes, limited resources such as video projectors can be administrated with the system. During the booking the user sees immediately, if the resource is still available. 
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