Category “Displays / Signposting / Building Technology”

Nowadays, digital display systems are an integral part of modern companies, whether in the entrance area, in elevators, in front of the cafeteria or the conference rooms. Displays inform reliably about conferences, provide

important information, greet the guests and guide them safely through the building. In order to guarantee a professional presentation of your meeting information, raum]für[raum supports all established display systems.

Digital door signs

From lobby to meeting room

The module Digital Displays allows you to transfer meeting information to displays in a fully automated way. This applies to digital door signs as well as to displays that serve visitor welcoming, meeting overview or signposting. Use individual templates and your corporate identity to guide your guests professionally through your location. When touchscreens are used, it is also possible to book, start, prolong or end meetings directly at the conference room.

Display licences

Standard, eINK, Touch

The Display Licences enable the customer to connect battery-operated eINK displays, standard displays (embedded, Artista, TVs or PC monitors) as well as touchscreens to the raum]für[raum module “Digital Displays”.

Export of meeting data

Provision of meeting data

The Meeting Export allows the regular export of meeting data from raum]für[raum in CSV or XML format. Subsequently, the data is available for third party systems from the areas of Digital Signage, access control or building technology. This is especially practical, if third party systems don‘t possess an API which can be addressed by raum]für[raum.

Building technology

Integrate technology intelligently

This module enables you to prepare information from raum]für[raum for Building Control Systems. As a result, meeting rooms can be air-conditioned or heated efficiently according to their bookings.

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