Videoconference & TelePresence

The raum]für[raum videoconference modules simplify your everyday routine. They allow you to plan, book and carry out worldwide videoconferences and TelePresence meetings in an easy, fast and secure
way. Use the advanced functions of modern videoconference technology and experience the future of this fascinating sector with mediaDIALOG as a reliable partner. We look forward to your request!
Dynamic communication

Dynamic communication

The module Videoconference allows the management of videoconferences across locations and time zones, including the orders of inventory and resources. The simple booking process as well as the transparent information channels turn the management of videoconferences in raum]für[raum into an uncomplicated and fast process. Optionally, the videoconference module can be used for the bi-directional data transfer with CISCOs TMS.

Comfortable organisation

Comfortable organisation

The bi-directional TMS Connection provides you with the possibility to organise and carry out videoconferences effectively. raum]für[raum writes the videoconference bookings directly on the TMS via the CISCO API. The TMS transfers the conference data back to raum]für[raum and the room management system sends the conference information automatically to the participants. If the videoconference is modified raum]für[raum transmits all alterations directly to the TMS. This eliminates manual processes and simplifies the subject of videoconference management drastically.

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