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As a modern company, you want your employees to have fast and flexible access to their booked meetings. mediaDIALOG offers an advanced and comfortable solution. The raum]für[raum app enables room bookings, the organisation of short-term meetings or the checkup of a booked meeting via a mobile device. The app runs on smartphones and tablets with Android or
iOS as operating systems. On these devices it provides the most important functions for the booking and management of meetings, so that your employees can make use of the essential services of raum]für[raum while being on the road. The app is connected to raum]für[raum via an integrated interface and has access to the data that is currently available in the system.
Mobile interface

Mobile interface

The development of the mobile raum]für[raum app was based on the idea, that navigation and input should be as simple and user-friendly as possible. Our goal was to give the users the possibility to carry out the desired bookings or modifications quickly and intuitively.

Therefore, the app works live via an integrated interface with the available data stored in raum]für[raum. This procedure guarantees that you’re always provided with current information wherever your destination may be.

Mobile operating systems

Mobile operating systems

The app is available for the most popular platforms on the market. Both smartphones and tables are supported. The room management app currently runs on the following mobile operating systems:

  • Android starting with version 4.4
  • iOS starting with version 8.2

Depending on the platform, different deployment strategies for the delivery of the app can be considered.

Mobile meeting schedule

Mobile meeting schedule

The app shows the meetings of the logged-in user starting from a chosen date (by default “today”) in chronological order and grouped by month including time, location (room) and the occasion of the event. The date can be adjusted via the calendar in the side bar at any time.

A click on the meeting opens a detailed view which provides the following additional information: room group, meeting type, booking status, number of participants, seating arrangement, resources, cost centre and guests.

Mobile room booking

Mobile room booking

Meetings, which were created with the app, contain the following information:

  • Occasion, resources, external guests
  • Meeting type, cost centre, number of participants
  • Time (date, start and end time) & location (room group, room, seating plan)

The fields adapt automatically to the entries which were made previously. This ensures, that only those rooms and seating arrangements are available, that are compatible with the entered number of participants, the desired time and the room group.

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