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Workspace and Desk Management

raum]für[raum® – since 2001 the successful and holistic workspace booking software

Intelligent use of desk and workspace management

raum]für[raum® – easy organisation of modern office concepts

The flexible reservation of work stations is becoming more and more important for many companies. Due to project work, field work or advisory activities existing desks often remain unoccupied, which creates an unprofitable situation. When Desk-Sharing solutions are used, however, several members of one organisation unit or department share one desk. This allows an optimal and efficient utilisation of available resources.

raum]für[raum® is the basis for the introduction of future-oriented Desk-Sharing concepts. The floor plans of your company are made available in the system as graphical interfaces. The users are enabled to book the individual work stations for the desired time period with only a few clicks. This way, it is not only transparent which desks are occupied at what time, the search function also provides the possibility to find individual persons.

Only your reality matters

To find and book a vacant work station should be as intuitive and plausible as possible. Therefore, your floors and offices are displayed as graphical interfaces in the application. These are created individually according to your wishes, so that they reflect your company’s reality in the most accurate way.

Latest technology for highest comfort

The technical and graphical Desk-Sharing functions were completely revised for our new version of raum]für[raum®. Now, the software uses the same algorithms as online map services for the calculation of floors and graphics. This technology allows it to zoom in and out of the graphics comfortably.

Desk-Sharing Arbeitsplatz buchen
Desk-Sharing Arbeitsplatz buchen

Facile navigation

You can click from graphic to graphic until you have arrived on the desired floor or in the desired office. Additionally, you can move the floor plan back and forth easily with the mouse. The navigation through your location is thus possible without difficulty.

Precise search with intelligent filters

A suitable work station can be booked under the specification of date and time for a couple of hours, a day or a week. Additionally, the users are provided with filters, which enable them to find a specific desk based on its description or certain attributes. The booked work stations of individual persons can also be identified quickly.

Desk-Sharing Arbeitsplatz buchen mit QR-Code
Desk-Sharing Arbeitsplatz buchen
Desk-Sharing Arbeitsplatz buchen
Desk-Sharing Arbeitsplatz buchen mit QR-Code

Possible measures for the new office routine

Keep the distance rules

According to current medical knowledge, the minimum distance between two employees at work must be at least 1.5 meters.

Document attendances

If an employee is suspected of being infected, attendance documentation with contact tracking information is required.

Disinfect workplaces

It must be ensured that workplaces are kept clean between uses to prevent the possible spread of infection.

Managing a vehicle fleet

If the use of company vehicles – unless they are personalised – cannot be suspended, all measures to prevent infection must be taken here as well.

With new office concepts the re-start succeeds

We help you to create a safe working environment in the office – in compliance with the health-related guidelines.

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