Outlook ADD.IN
and Room Planning

Many companies would like to manage their rooms and resources with Microsoft Outlook. This way, employees can continue to work in their familiar environment and don‘t have to get accustomed to another program. But in order to guarantee a professional and efficient room management, a high-end system like raum]für[raum is mandatory. mediaDIALOG closed this hindering gap with the development of the Outlook ADD.IN.
This interface enables the employees to carry out bookings for the raum]für[raum system directly in their Outlook calendar. If they want to set up a meeting, the users can access the data stored in raum]für[raum via the button “Activate room management”. The data is immediately synchronised between Outlook and raum]für[raum, so that everybody involved – from participants to service providers – is always on the same level of information.
Rooms and participants at a glance

Rooms and participants at a glance

The availability of rooms and participants is visible in one single screen. This is the quickest way to compare the free/busy information of the colleagues with that of the vacant rooms.

Detailed room information

Detailed room information

Every room provides detailed information about its fixtures. This makes it easy for the users to see at first sight, whether the room is adequate for their meeting.

  • Name and location of the room
  • Rental costs
  • Catering and IT services
  • Room image
Available seating arrangements

Available seating arrangements

Seating arrangements can be reviewed per room and be chosen directly depending on their availability.

Selection of meeting details

Selection of meeting details

The Outlook ADD.IN does not just allow the selection of a suitable room. Resources, fixtures, meeting types and cost centres can be added to the booking as well.

Display connection

Display connection

The booking and meeting data are read out by a raum]für[raum plug-in from the Exchange server and prepared in such a way, that the current information is sent to the connected displays. That doesn’t just apply to digital door signs, but also to the entire signposting system.

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