Room and Resource Management

You are currently planning to implement a new software for the booking of rooms and resources? Let us convince you of the holistic concept of the raum]für[raum management software. The intelligent administration tool by mediaDIALOG also offers a first-class solution for your requirement profile and your company. We would be pleased to provide you with detailed information about the practical features of raum]für[raum, which will harmonise your daily business.

raum]für[raum simplifies the booking process considerably with the aid of simple mechanisms. After entering the desired date, time and number of participants, it is possible to select the required resources as well as a suitable room. The booking is completed in only a few seconds and the system informs the responsible service providers. The booking can be edited easily in the meeting schedule. Of course, everybody involved then receives an automatic update.


Standard functions of raum]für[raum

Search function

Optimised search function

You can find the right room for your requirements quickly and easily with optimal search functions. Narrow the search down accordingly with the help of specific parameters.

Multi-room booking

Multi-room booking

Multi-room bookings allow the selection of several rooms for an event in one step. This feature is helpful to organise for example professional trainings for multiple work groups in separate rooms or to reserve an additional room, in which the catering for a meeting can be prepared.

Request without room

Request without room

The function “Request without room” enables users to create a meeting request, which has to be approved by a superior or the booking service. The users enter the details of the meeting (date, time, participants, resources, etc.) in the booking form. A suitable room is only assigned during the approval process.

Book on behalf of

Booking on behalf of

Bookings can be carried out in the name and on behalf of another user. This feature is especially useful for secretariats. The booking is organised with the rights of the user who placed the order and also belongs to this person.

Representation arrangement

Representation arrangement

The representation arrangement gives users the possibility to define up to two representatives for themselves. These persons take on the rights of the users they represent and are allowed to carry out all kinds of interactions in their place. The bookings belong to the represented users, which are of course transparently informed about every activity.

Meeting coordinator

Meeting coordination

The meeting coordination determines individual persons as responsible for the organisation of meetings, without owning extensive rights. This way it is possible to transfer tasks easily to the right position.

Organisation units

Organisation units

This feature allows the creation of user-defined organisation units in raum]für[raum, to which cost centres and users can be assigned. This way the users only see those cost centres during the booking process which were defined for their organisation unit.

Meeting reminder

Meeting reminder

The users are able to set up three individual reminder functions for their booked meetings. This is very helpful to keep an overview even in complex meeting series.

Modules for extended segments

Modules for bookings


raum]für[raum offers various ways of booking which you can implement according to your requirements: the Booking Wizard, the Outlook ADD.IN, the room management app or the Desk-Sharing module.

Communication & teamwork

Communication & Teamwork

The helpful features of raum]für[raum improve the coordination and organisation of your project teams and departments. With our thoroughly developed modules, group work can be accomplished in a more transparent and more efficient way.



raum]für[raum supports the receptionists efficiently in their various tasks. They can see entered guest information in a specialised view. With the aid of the available statuses it is also easy to observe which guests are currently present in the building.

Videoconference & TelePresence

Videoconference Management

The utilisation of raum]für[raum facilitates the organisation and realisation of videoconferences enormously.

Displays / Signposting / Building technology

Displays, Signposting, Building technology

Use the connection to room or directional displays to publish meeting information and to guide your guests comfortably through the building.

SAP & Accounting

SAP & Accounting

The connection to SAP enables you to create service kinds and types of service, so that meeting costs can be accounted properly. Additionally, it is possible to set up exports to the SAP modules FI and CO.



The technical implementation, too, can be simplified in many areas with the aid of useful modules.

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