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Reduce CO2 emissions at business appointments!

– Videoconferences / online meetings vs. Business trips –

Reduction of CO2 emissions


Saving time

Reduce stress

Simply book videoconferences / online meetings

raum]für[raum offers the intelligent solution for comfortably organizing videoconferences / online meetings in their entirety. For all conceivable areas of application – large conference rooms, individual workstations or mobile solutions – all relevant processes are combined in a single software, including inventory and resource integration.

With raum]für[raum you are able to plan, book and conduct worldwide videoconferences easily, quickly and securely.

Especially for companies with numerous employees, interlinked work processes and multiple locations, the introduction of videoconferences offers enormous potential and numerous opportunities for savings and efficiency. For a cleaner future and more time in everyday life.

The EU wants to become climate neutral by 2050!

Less plastic and leaving the car behind: it is known how climate protection works privately.

What can companies do for this?

And what about employees?

Videoconferences / online meetings are THE environmentally friendly alternative.

The reduction of business trips already makes a big contribution to CO2 savings.

This is how active climate protection works in the company.

Online Meetings are the environmentally friendly alternative

Videoconferencing can cut CO2 emissions from business travel by up to 20% by 2030.


co2 emissions by business traveling

CO2 emissions for

  • 1 person
  • Munich – Berlin
  • by train = 30 KG
  • by car = 100 KG
  • by plain = 170 KG
(Quelle: Umweltbundesamt 2018, Grafik BR)

So use tomorrow’s standard today!

Reach the Green Deal together. Videoconferences and online meetings help!

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