Solutions for the Reception

The reception holds a special position in raum]für[raum. It is the place that conveys the first impression of your company to arriving guests. A friendly, open and professional atmosphere is therefore of great importance. In order to welcome all guests in an obliging way in the rush of the daily routine, the

reception has its own view in raum]für[raum that provides various functions. From the administration and maintenance of personal data, to the check-in of guests and the printing of badges, up to the assignment of parking spaces – the receptionists always have an accurate overview.

Personal welcome of guests at the reception

Easy check-in / check-out

The users enter the guest data in the system during the booking process. The receptionists see this data up to 48 hours before the start of the corresponding meeting. When an invitee arrives for a meeting, this person can be checked in with only a few clicks and is marked as being present in the building. After the end of the meeting, the invitee returns to the reception to be checked out of the system.

Inclusion of one-day guests

Inclusion of one-day guests

Unexpected or spontaneous guests can also be included in the system without difficulty. It is possible to add their personal data to a booked meeting or to the list of one-day guests. To assure a definite assignment, the latter case makes it necessary to allocate the guest to a raum]für[raum user.

Lucid guest list

Lucid guest list

The well-structured guest list enables the receptionists to find specific data quickly even among a multitude of guest entries. The available filters immediately create a structured overview: Which guests need an escort or a parking space? Which events take place without guests? How many guests are currently in the building? The answer can be found at once even in stressful situations.

Visitor and name badges

Visitor and name badges

Visitor and name badges can be designed individually according to your wishes and corporate identity. The system compiles the printing data and formats it conformably. The receptionists are thus able to create badges easily with a click, if necessary even in batch processing.

Managing car parks

Car park management

The raum]für[raum car park management allows you to organise your parking areas in an uncomplicated way. This function is especially helpful for the reception: When a guest checks in at the reception desk it is simultaneously possible to assign an available parking space on one of the parking areas to this person.

Digital signposting

Digital welcome & signposting

Our individually configurable templates provide you with the possibility to welcome your guests personally on directional displays in the foyer. You can subsequently guide your guests quickly and safely to their meeting with the aid of a digital signposting system. Finally, a digital door sign at the meeting room sums up all the relevant information once again.

Connection to access control systems

Connection to access control systems

When a room management system like raum]für[raum is integrated more and more in the corporate landscape, the demands of an intelligent interlocking with already implemented solutions rise. The connection to access control systems increases security standards and simplifies manual processes. raum]für[raum passes the stored guest data on to the access control system which grants invited guests automated access to specific rooms or parts of the building.

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