Solutions for the Users

raum]für[raum places various solutions at the user’s disposal: To create a meeting they can employ the search function, the booking dialogue, the Booking Wizard or the Outlook ADD.IN. Catering or IT services can easily be added to a meeting. If necessary, the users can organise modifications quickly in the meeting schedule. Moreover, our elaborate concept of rights and roles makes it possible to

define precisely, which user is allowed to book which rooms and resources – or whether an approval process is required, so that certain rooms can only be requested. The system is based entirely on your workflows. You can also be sure, that every person involved in a meeting – from the participants to the service providers – automatically receives all relevant information from raum]für[raum.

Intuitive organisation

Set up meetings intuitively

You can use the search function, that selects rooms on the basis of their assigned attributes. Discover the Booking Wizard, which guides you through the booking process with the aid of predefined scenarios. Organise your meetings with our ADD.IN directly in your Outlook calendar or use our room management app while being on the road. Even the reservation of flexible work stations can be realised easily with our Desk-Sharing module.

Integration of resources

Integration of resources

It is an essential feature of raum]für[raum that rooms and resources can be booked in a connected process. Configuring your system you can determine which resources should be available in which rooms. In the course of the booking process the users are then able to choose a suitable room as well as catering or IT services. raum]für[raum informs the responsible service providers automatically about upcoming orders.

Intelligent meeting management

Intelligent meeting schedule

The meeting schedule provides access to all the booked meetings of a user. If meetings have to be supplemented or postponed, this can be carried out here with only a few clicks. In this case the system again informs all persons involved. In order to guarantee a functional and flexible overview, the meeting schedule was completely redesigned and modernised for the new version of raum]für[raum.

Explicit authorisation structure

Explicit authorisation structures

The concept of rights and roles enables you to set up individual user profiles in raum]für[raum. This feature is the basis of an exact representation of your company’s reality in the software. It allows you to define precisely, which user group has access to which rooms and services. Decide whether certain rooms can only be requested and if bookings have to be approved by a superior authority. If the assignment of rooms is a centralised process in our company, it is even possible to reduce the user rights to mere meeting requests.

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