Organization of workplaces, appointments and meetings!

Informing – Booking – Modifying – Sensors

Informing of free workplaces


No matter whether you would like to check the booking and occupancy situation in the company at home, whether you would like to look for a vacant workplace while on the road or whether you are already standing in front of a large screen in the company, raum]für[raum provides you with the current occupancy status in the company and supplies you with the booking information in real time – via web, via mobile app and via overview displays.

workspace booking in HomeOffice
Workspace booking via app
workspace booking on display
Booking free workspaces


With raum]für[raum the booking or requesting of meeting rooms is very easy and takes place either at home via the usual web application or in the preferred Outlook environment via ADD.IN; in a mobile app on the road or with the help of a large screen in front of bookable areas via QR-Code and App.

You can also book quickly in the meeting room itself via app and QR code on the meeting room screen or ad hoc via touch display. The same applies to the booking of workplaces, which are provided with QR codes or corresponding cubicals. You can also order services, add visitors and schedule video conferences.

workspace booking in homeoffce
workspace booking on desk
workspace booking via app
workspace booking on display
roombooking on door display
workspace booking via qr-code
Modifying current meetings


The appointment administration of raum]für[raum offers a clear overview of your appointments. The edit mode allows you to edit your booking in no time at all. If changes occur at short notice, you can easily modify existing bookings from home via your PC or on the road via the mobile app and keep track of the situation at all times.

Extend, shorten or end current bookings via meeting room screen or directly at the workplace via QR code and mobile app.

meeting modifying on door display
meeting modifying on desk
meeting modifying via app
Intelligent sensors for roombooking


Intelligent sensors, which act as measuring instruments, offer the optimal complement to raum]für[raum.

With the help of a motion detector, the sensors check the current room occupancy according to a defined algorithm and in absolute compliance with data protection regulations and compare it with the reservations: The Desk Sensor records the workplace occupancy, while the Room Sensor measures the occupancy of a meeting room. If the sensor detects no movement within x minutes despite the booking of a meeting, the room is automatically released.

Thanks to the intelligent occupancy optimization by the sensors, rooms that have been booked but not used are automatically released again. The valid, anonymized database gives you an overview of the actual use of your workplaces and rooms, so you can better determine the requirements of your company and optimize your planning.

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