Videoconferences instead of business travel

raum]für[raum® – #We stay at home and are still connected face to face!

The current crisis poses an unprecedented challenge to our entire society, our economy and public life.

Most colleagues in the home office (wherever possible). Travel restrictions or even bans.

And yet we all want to continue working. Want to defy the crisis as best as possible. And be the usual reliable partner for the partners and customers of our companies.

Videoconferencing is currently one of the most efficient tools for staying in close contact with colleagues and customers. We can help you with that!

We want to continue working. Despite travel bans – despite the crises.

In “times like these” we also want to try unconventional project approaches to bring even very short-term projects into “GoLive” for you.

Fast and safe

Videoconferences can be booked quickly, securely and easily by every employee with raum]für[raum®.


Intelligent integration with the CISCO systems ensures that the conferences start on time and that all the required resources are available on time.


Excellence in videoconference bookings. One of our core competencies. Proven in many current projects.

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