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New Work –
back to the office

raum]für[raum® – since 2001 the successful and holistic room booking software

New Work – With new office concepts the re-start succeeds

raum]für[raum® – we help you to create a safe working environment in the office – in compliance with the health-related guidelines.

There are many rules, requirements and measures to be observed for the “new” office operations. Just keeping an eye on these is a great challenge in everyday life. raum]für[raum® supports you in implementing and adhering to the necessary concepts. And this simply – quickly – safely!

1.5 meters distance

The "new everyday life" requires new office concepts

We have been living in a “new everyday life” for several weeks. What is meant is everyday life “with Corona”, which changes all our lives and affects every individual as well as every company.

Today, the challenge is no longer that “n employees” share a workplace and therefore intelligent software solutions are required for implementation, but rather:

How do we manage to start up regular “office and office operations” again, to guarantee them permanently

  • and to be able to implement the necessary distance rules for the employees
  • and the demanded documentation requirements?
1.5 meters distance

Is there any practical software that is easy to use for employees?

Yes, there is! – raum]für[raum® guarantees a comprehensive implementation of the described requirements as standard with the “desk sharing” module. The first desk sharing projects with raum]für[raum® were already implemented in 2004. In this way, an invaluable “know-how” was built up over time – which is incorporated into every new project today. In yours too.

raum]für[raum® is very simple and easy to use. Quickly configurable to the individual needs of the company, even for different locations. Guaranteeing maximum transparency for the employees. Consistently based on roles and rights, it helps companies to make precisely the information available to employees that is important for the individual application areas.

1.5 meters distance

Sustainable software solution for a flexible future in the office

In this way, regulated office operations will quickly become a reality for employees and companies even in “new everyday life”. No matter how long we have to live in the “new everyday life” – raum]für[raum® supports you with sustainable office concepts.

Get in touch with us today – we will help you to restart your “new everyday office life”.

1.5 meters distance

Intelligent sensors provide lasting support

Regardless of whether you want to be informed when employees work in sensitive office space, where no bookings should be made – or where employees can work but do not have to book – or where bookings are to be verified via sensors. The combination of STEINEL sensors and raum]für[raum® offers completely new possibilities.

1.5 meters distance

However, some of our floor plans are no longer up to date

We also support you here. Whether plans come directly from the AutoCAD system or have already passed 3 decades: we support you in the creation or preparation of the necessary office plans. So that your employees can find their way around the floors quickly and safely.

Booking transparency

Adaptation flexibility

User friendliness

Resource integration


Attendance documentation

GDPR compliance

1.5 meters distance

Keep the distance rules

According to current medical knowledge, the minimum distance between two employees at work must be at least 1.5 meters.

With raum]für[raum® the released workplaces can be booked quickly and easily via intuitive booking dialogues and therefore the distance rules can be implemented perfectly. Only those workplaces can be booked which comply with the company’s regulations regarding spacing.

In addition to the restriction of bookable rooms and workplaces, booking periods for the respective teams can be clearly defined.

Automatische Anwesenheitsdokumentation

Document attendances

If an employee is suspected of being infected, attendance documentation with contact tracking information is required.

Who has booked where and when – with raum]für[raum® very quickly and easily created “at the push of a button”. This automatic and transparent presence documentation enables a complete and prompt tracking of possible contact persons.

Automatische Anwesenheitsdokumentation

Disinfect workplaces

It must be ensured that workplaces are kept clean between uses to prevent the possible spread of infection. Free booking times for the individual workplaces can be supplemented by clearly defined blocking times, for example for workplace disinfection.

Furthermore, with raum]für[raum® you can quickly and easily generate orders to service providers, which can be provided with individual messages and notes and – if desired – can be followed via a feedback function.

Automatische Anwesenheitsdokumentation

Managing a vehicle fleet

If the use of company vehicles – unless they are personalised – cannot be suspended, all measures to prevent infection must be taken here as well.

These can be booking restrictions or closing times set in raum]für[raum® which allow regular and thorough cleaning and disinfection of the official vehicles. In addition

These can be booking restrictions or closing times set in raum]für[raum® which allow regular and thorough cleaning and disinfection of the official vehicles. In addition raum]für[raum® automatically provides transparent booking and usage information.

#together into the future

In “times like these” we also want to try unconventional project approaches to bring very short-term projects to “GoLive” for you.

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